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  •   Smoothing Pedicure $44

    Smoothing Pedicure: Your satisfaction is our passion with our smoothing pedicure. You will begin with a relaxing foot soak in a heavenly, warm herbal mineral bath. Next, your feet will look picture-perfect after we clip and shape your nails, treat and trim cuticles, and smooth away any calluses and tough skin. Then, gently your feet and calves will be exfoliated revealing fresh and glowing skin. But, not only that- we give your feet extra care by massaging Sole Solution into the soles of your feet to keep them smooth and healthy-looking. Using NuSkin Body Smoother, we then massage and melt away the stress in your feet and calves. Your pampering is completed by a skilled and attractive polish using the regular nail color of your choice.

  •   Smoothing Pedicure with Gel Polish $63

  •   Refreshing Pedicure $54

    Refreshing Pedicure: Receive the rejuvenation you need with our refreshing pedicure. You will be taken above and beyond by starting with an herbal mineral foot soak. Then a professional nail trim, shape, cuticle treatment, and callus smoothing. Your legs and feet will look brand new when we exfoliate with NuSkin products. Then, we wrap your legs and feet in steamy, soothing towels to relax and loosen tension and improve circulation. Then, after Sole Solution is worked into your skin to leave you looking amazing, we massage and alleviate stress for longer. Topped off beautifully with your choice of polish.

  •   Refreshing Pedicure with Gel Polish $73

  •   iceDancer Pedicure $66

    Ice Dancer: While including all the trappings of the refreshing pedicure, what is different here is the massage with IceDancer Invigorating Gel, which revives, stimulates, cools, and soothes your sore, achy legs. You rule the choice between hot basalt or cold marble stones, both of which remove toxins from the body. The magic still isn’t over, because you also get a massage with Baobab butter to deliver deep, all day moisture, for supple, healthy looking skin- and this massage is triple the length of the smoothing pedicure. Just imagine the sensation after receiving this amazing treatment.

  •   iceDancer Pedicure with Gel Polish $85

  •   fireWalker Pedicure $84

    Fire Walker: With a longer massage time- this pedicure includes all the essentials, but this is how we take it to the next level: a relaxing herbal neck and shoulder wrap to melt away tension and stress, and a special massage with FireWalker which nourishes, soothes, and rejuvenates tired legs. Better yet, we soak your legs in hot parrafin to achieve extreme moisture, and you get a shoulder massage to achieve deep relaxation- how does that sound?

  •   fireWalker Pedicure with Gel Polish $103

  •   Essential Oil Pedicure $100

    Essential Oil: Be treated like royalty with what is much, much more than just a pedicure, and the highest degree of performance we are able to offer. You’ll not only end up with gorgeous toes and feet from your professional nail, cuticle, and callus treatment-your entire experience will be graced by the aroma of your ideal essential oils. With a temperature treated aromatherapy eyemask, your spirit may awaken just to thank you. longest massage we offer. We use a special NapCA moisture mist for fresh, moisturized, silky soft skin, and you have your choice of essential oils for massage. Flex Crème massage to comfort tension and soothe feet for healthy mobility. Highest degree of performance. Double shoulder massage comparing to fireWalker Pedicure.

  •   Essential Oil Pedicure with Gel Polish $119

  •   Polish Change (Feet) $25

  •   Gel Polish Change (Feet) $34



  •   Smoothing Manicure $28

    Nails are shaped/filed. Cuticles are cleaned and trimmed. Afterwards receive a soothing lotion treatment with massage and nails are finished with your choice of polish.

  •   Smoothing Manicure with Gel $46

  •   Polish Change (Hand) $20

  •   Gel Polish Change (Hand) $37

  •   Refreshing Manicure $40

  •   Refreshing Manicure w/Gel Polish $59

  •   iceDancer Manicure $53

  •   iceDancer Manicure w/Gel Polish $72

  •   Esential Oil Manicure $68

  •   Esential Oil Manicure w/Gel Polish $87

  •   Dipping Powder $55

  •   Removal then Smoothing Manicure $39

  •   Removal Powder then Smoothing Manicure with Gel $57


  •   Color Dipping Powder $55

  •   French Dipping Powder $63

  •   Ombre Dipping Powder $3 - $67

  •   Acrylic Fullset w/Gel Polish $71

  •   Acrylic Fill w/Gel Polish $47

  •   Acrylic Fullset $52

  •   Acrylic Fill $34

  •   PolyGel Pink&Whie Fullset $77

  •   PolyGel Color Fill $47

  •   Ombre Fullset/Fill $77

  •   Color Powder Fullset $71

  •   Color Powder Fill $47

  •   Guitar nail Fullset(1 hand) $34

  •   Guitar nail Fill (1 hand) $23

  •   Toenail acrylic Fullset $76

  •   Toenail Acrylic Fullset with Smoothing Pedicure Combo $108


  •   Nail Fix $12

  •   Removal (gel:16; acrylic/powder:23+) $16

  •   French(color) tips $15

  •   Nail Fix with full service

  •   Customized Designs

  •   Extra 5 min. Massage $11

  •   Nail Length/Shape

  •   Take-off/Removal w/Pedi $5

  •   Take-off/Removal w/Mani $11

  •   Paraffin wax $11

  •   Fingernails/Toenails Cut Only $18

  •   Shared half

  •   Add-on smoothing pedicure to toenail acrylic fullset $32



  •   Strips Lash Extension $29

  •   Flare Lash Extension $51

  •   Individual/Hybrid/Volume Lash Extension $159

  •   Touch-up Lash Extension under 2 weeks $69

  •   Touch-up Lash Extension 2+ weeks $79

  •   Touch-up Lash Extension 3+ weeks $89

  •   Removal $22



  •   Brow tint $22

    A brow tint is a dye used to define your eyebrows. The dye itself is similar to what you use on your hair, except it’s specifically developed to be safe to use on skin. We use petroleum jelly on the skin around the brows as a barrier to avoid staining the skin around your brows. The dye is applied and left to sit for up to 5-7 minutes depending on your desired shade before wiping it off. We recommend getting an eyebrow wax with this service to further define the shape!

  •   Lash tint $28

    A lash tint is a dye that intensifies your natural lashes by darkening them and adding definition to the eye. The dye itself is similar to what you use on your hair, except it’s specifically developed to be safe around the eye area. We use petroleum jelly on the skin around the eye as a barrier to avoid staining the skin as well as an eye pad placed under the eye. The dye is applied and left to sit for up to 10 minutes before wiping it off. Then you’re left with beautifully fuller look!

  •   Lash lift $61

    A lash lift is a very gentle perm for the eyelashes. Perming solution is brushed onto the lashes, which are curled upwards against an eye pad to mould them into their new shape. Lashes are then carefully separated before the neutraliser sets them. The result is as if lashes have just been combed and curled, giving you a wide awake look. Many clients like to follow their lash lift with a lash tint for definition and the illusion of length and volume.



Waxing is the process of hair removal from the root by using a soft or hard wax, to adhere to body hair, and then removing with a strip and pulling out the hair from the follicle. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for 4-6 weeks, although some people will start to see regrowth in only a week due to some of their hair being on a different human hair growth cycle. We provide face and body waxing such as eyebrows, lip, chin, full face to underarms, legs, bikini, Brazilian, and even your toes and fingers!

  •   Eyebrow Wax/Nose Wax $16

  •   Lip Wax $13

  •   Chin Wax $16

  •   Full Face Wax $60

  •   Fingers Wax $16

  •   Toes Wax $16

  •   Underarms Wax $29

  •   Half Arms Wax $50

  •   Full Arms Wax $67

  •   Half Legs Wax $60

  •   Full Legs Wax $80

  •   Back Wax $78

  •   Chest Wax $70

  •   Bikini Wax $34

  •   Brazilian Wax $65

  •   Brazillian & underarm promo $72

FACIALS & Back Facials

FACIALS & Back Facials

Our facial treatments begin with a personalized skin assessment followed by a double cleanse, steamer and hot towels to remove products in between steps, exfoliation, extractions, mask with upper body massage, toner, moisturizer, and spf. These facial steps are a one-stop-shop for bettering your complexion. When you book a facial appointment, it’s essential to consult with your esthetician. You’ll be able to discuss your skin type and skin care concerns, as well as what you want them to address during your treatment.

  •   DERMALOGICA PRODUCTS: Introductory $88

  •   Customized 25 minute facial (mini facial) $51

  •   Customized 45 minute facial (refeshing facial) $70

  •   Customized 60 minute facial (full basic facial) $88

  •   Customized 75 minute facial (more relaxing facial) $102

  •   Customized 90 minute facial (heavenly facial) $124



  •   Manicure $16

  •   Gel Manicure $29

  •   Pedicure $29

  •   Gel Pedicure $38

  •   Hand Polish Change $11

  •   Hand Gel Polish Change $23

  •   Feet Polish Change $11

  •   Feet Gel Polish Change $23

  •   Designs